Photonics West 2024

Take Control
Speed. Precision. Performance.

Take control of your high precision manufacturing, test and inspection processes with industry-leading motion control products, systems and software built for the most demanding high-tech applications.


Visit us at Booth 957 to see our newest product and system demonstrations for photonics alignment, laser processing, precision micromachining and more.


Unlock the Power of Precision
XA4 Drives

Our new Automation1 XA4 and iXA4 drives are economical single- and multi-axis panel-mounted servo motor drives that optionally include a full motion controller and I/O expansion. 



Unprecedented Flexibility
Automation1 FLEX


Our new Automation1 FLEX control and cable management system drastically reduces cable management system size, enabling a smaller machine footprint, minimized cable drag and less particulate generation.


Align with Success
Align with success


Designed to meet the demanding needs of critical photonics alignment in a highly automated, 24/7 production environment with no compromise in speed, accuracy and resolution.



Performance without Limits


Learn how Infinite Field of View leverages custom linear servo and galvo positioning for precise beam delivery without sacrificing dynamic performance.


Find your motion solution.

Speak with a technical specialist and let us find your solution.


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Maximizing Optical Alignment Precision by Choosing the Correct Positioning Architecture


Learn to control spatial tolerances during automated alignment processes by implementing the optimal positioning system architecture. 



Fundamental Concepts for Precision & Throughput in Laser Processing Machines


Explore fundamental considerations in machine design and control to get the most throughput out of a precision laser microprocessing machine.