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Achieve micron-scale laser cutting precision without sacrificing process speed. Our high-dynamic laser scan heads and advanced motion control systems deliver higher throughput and improved part quality for high-volume display manufacturing processes.

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Learn how Infinite Field of View (IFOV) leverages custom linear servo and galvo positioning for precise beam delivery without sacrificing dynamic performance.



Three-axis Laser Scan Head

Nmark AGV3D
The AGV3D three-axis laser scan head delivers industry-leading precision in three-dimensional (3D) laser processing. 
Infinite Field of View (IFOV)


IFOV enables real-time coordination of XY servo motion and laser scan head motion to expand our AGV laser scan head’s field of view to the XY stages’ full travel.






XA4 and Automation1 graphic-1
The Automation1® Motion Control Platform has advanced programming tools specifically designed to work with our laser scan heads.

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Can mobile display manufacturers have it all? 


Can you meet customer demand for maximum value and keep manufacturing costs low? This case study shows how optimized motion control solutions and superior mechanical hardware design can significantly increase laser cutting process speed and tracking performance.