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Optimizing Laser Micromachining. Precisely.

Achieve micron-scale laser cutting precision without sacrificing process speed. Our high-dynamic laser scan heads and advanced motion control systems deliver higher throughput and improved part quality for high-volume display manufacturing processes.

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A demonstration of the real-time coordination of XY servo motion and laser scan head motion to expand the AGV laser scan head’s field of view to the XY stages’ full travel.




 Integrated Granite Motion (IGM) System
with Infinite Field of View

Aerotech’s IGM system design approach results in excellent dynamics for high-speed production applications.
2D Laser Scan Head

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Our AGV-XPO laser scan head delivers high accelerations and processing speeds with minimal trajectory error.

The Automation1® Motion Control Platform has advanced programming tools specifically designed to work with our laser scan heads.

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Technological Advances in High-Dynamic Laser Processing to Improve Process Throughput and Increase Part Quality


Learn about advancements in the capabilities of multi-axis laser scan heads and precision automation controls.