EasyTune® is the most advanced autotuning tool available in a commercial motion controller. Entirely data-driven, the algorithm largely mimics the process followed by an experienced controls engineer. Many existing tuning techniques rely on basic model-fitting or “rules-of-thumb” that ignore machine resonances or nonlinear behavior, but EasyTune directly measures and compensates for those effects. It assumes no prior knowledge of the system properties, and begins with a system identification operation. It continues with the development of a baseline stabilizing controller followed by progressively more sophisticated compensation via loop-shaping procedures. The final controller has the highest bandwidth practical for that particular stage system.

EasyTune was extensively tested and refined on hundreds of different motion systems, including on systems with different bearing styles, drive technologies, and mechanical configurations. It requires no input from the user, completes in a few minutes, and provides measured verification of the servo performance when complete. EasyTune is a standard feature of the Automation 3200, Ensemble, and Soloist families of controllers.


The Steps Involved in the EasyTune® Process

EasyTune® is designed to minimize the amount of user input required. It begins with a single press of the "Start" button.

EasyTune® starts with a short system identification that generates stable, but generally conservative, gains. Axis motion is almost imperceptible, and the identification takes less than a second.

EasyTune® now performs a series of detailed frequency response measurements. Servo gains and filters are continually adjusted for higher performance as system knowledge improves.

EasyTune® completes when it arrives at a controller that maximizes performance while maintaining strict levels of robustness to system changes. The typical elapsed time is just a few minutes, and no user input is required.



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