Aerotech automation applied to a hypothetical (thank goodness!) mechanical wasp.

No, we don't make mechanical bugs, drones or arthropodal robots. But if we did, how could Aerotech's automation products be used to bring an imaginary creature like this mechanical wasp to life? Click any one of the bug's hotspots to find out and get more details below.

Automation Controllers

The Automation 3200 (A3200) is a full machine controller that includes integrated motion, PLC, I/O and robotics in an open platform, software-based controller that provides the flexibility to customize at any level to meet your requirements. In addition to being programmable with a simple scripting language or IEC61131 languages (Ladder, Function Block, Structured Text), the A3200 is a full G-code (RS-274D) controller.

The Ensemble is an embedded multi-axis motion controller for medium- to high-end applications. One-to-ten axes can be coordinated for applications from assembly to semiconductor processing, and everything in between.

The Soloist is an embedded single-axis controller used in many point-to-point, line following and "profiled" motion applications, among others. While this is our most basic controller, its functionality is without equal.

Advanced Control Algorithms

The Dynamic Controls Toolbox increases system performance with advanced control algorithms that improve settle time, accuracy, in-position stability and/or velocity stability. These algorithms include:

Harmonic Cancellation

Reduce position error on periodic trajectories.

Iterative Learning Control

Reduce following error and increase dynamic accuracy.

Enhanced Throughput Module

Improve settling time and increase rate stability.

Enhanced Tracking Control

Improve move‐and‐settle times in point‐to‐point positioning and reduce tracking errors during contoured motion.

Directional Gain Scheduling

Decrease settle time and increase in-position stability.

Gantry Control

Command both spars as a single axis; marker offset for high accuracy.

Friction Compensation

Reduce settle time and errors at direction reversals.

Command Shaping

Increase throughput and reduce vibration.

Position Synchronized Output

Higher accuracy and increased throughput of laser firing and other "trigger" applications.

These advanced control algorithms are in addition to an extensive library of standard control capabilities.

Intelligent Drives

All Aerotech intelligent digital drives can be configured by the user to run servo, brush, stepper or voice coil motors. Each drive has user I/O, standard I/O (for limits, home markers, etc.), options for incremental or absolute encoders as well as fieldbus interfaces.

Aerotech designs and manufactures all of the hardware and software in-house. We can easily adapt the design to meet your needs – even for low quantities.

Both linear drives and PWM drives are available in all form factors. Linear drives are beneficial in applications requiring high in-position stability, very good velocity stability or environments requiring low electronic noise such as non-destructive testing applications. The PWM amplifiers provide for lower cost solutions that are ideal in applications where linear drives are not required.

Ethernet Connectivity

Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity provides real-time status to other equipment or to the standard Aerotech applications provided with the controller, such as Digital Scope, Motion Composer for writing programs and the Configuration Manager for setting up all of the parameters.

Custom Software

Our control platforms have many programming options: .NET (C#,, C, G-code, AeroBasic, IEC61131-3 (LD, FBD, ST), EPICS, TANGO, MATLAB® or LabVIEW®. If these don’t meet your needs, the architecture permits custom software to be easily integrated into all layers of the controller, firmware, real-time operating system or at the application level. This means your custom code can be added to the controller via a plugin without disturbing the base controller code.

We can develop the custom code for you and with you, from the HMI level to the firmware level, or you can develop it yourself.

Custom Motor Design

Aerotech has a standard linear servomotor and rotary servomotor offering with a wide range of operating envelopes. As a manufacturer of motors, we can design motors for specific package sizes and torque versus speed characteristics, in small quantities. Linear or rotary brushless servomotors as well as brush motors can be controlled from the same drive and can be customized for your application.


Aerotech controllers offer an extensive array of communication options and protocols so that all of the standard vision packages and smart cameras are easy to integrate into your machine design. Use this capability in combination with motion to direct how and where the machine moves, for quality control and assurance, testing, research and more.